Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant

I’m an alternative woman who happens to be a wedding celebrant. I am not enthusiastic on ambitiously large scale weddings. If that’s your style I’m not the celebrant for you. I’m here to help create your ideal simple, elegant wedding ceremony. I have romantic ideas with writing your own personal vows. Love is excitement, laughter, passion, and acceptance. Love is courage to do what you desire and aspire to share on your sensational day.

Wedding Ceremonies come in many forms, some are elegant, simple no fuss ceremonies. For me the best are small glorious alternative uncomplicated rituals, with no more than 25 guests. Your wedding ceremony is a true reflection of who you are.. Design the ceremony you want and include ONLY the people you truly want at your wedding.

It’s your wedding day follow your creative heart. Make it a magical, CAREFREE, harmonious day. Wear that extremely impressive outrageous dress. Don’t do what others think you should do. Don’t invite those who will stress you out on your magical day. Your day should represents your ethical styles and values. It can be short, sweet and romantic your own love story and in the language of love.


Start with a phone call or email and then a face to face meeting. Its fantantic getting to know what type of ceremony you have in mind. After our meeting I will email some sample ceremonies. Choose what you want, cut and paste till your heart is happiest and in harmony. Or steal bits from the internet, write your wedding alternative ceremony, some couples do that. I lodge all legal required documents with Birth, Death & Marriages. That’s why you pay me, its part of my fabulous, marvellous delightful job.

Fees depend on what you want as every wedding is different. I don’t do Big Star Events, in general, most couples spend 2% of their wedding budget on a Marriage Celebrant. Though without us, there is no wedding, heh heh now that’s funny.

Passion love and memorable days will aid in creating your ideal wedding ceremony. Surround yourselves with closest family and best friends. If you follow your personnel creative self you’ll have an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Followed by a tremendous awesome wedding celebration, somewhere in this beautiful country we call home; YIPPEE let the party start.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
Judy Garland