Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant

Home Budget Weddings

Sit down from the shock when I tell you this because weddings on average now cost $36,000! What the hell! Why would you want to spend that much for ONE day*~*~* that’s a house deposit. You can have a Home Budget Wedding and still keep your house deposit.

Stress Free Weddings

After attending many weddings as a photographer Besty knew she didn’t want to be the stressed out and planned a stress-free wedding. Besty and Lenny aren’t night owls so they had a midday stress-free wedding ceremony. Besty and her boyfriend had the ceremony a beautiful park surrounded by flowers they Read more…

The Billabong Kuranda

The Billabong Kuranda has hosted many fabulous weddings over the years and I have been the wedding celebrant on numerous occasions. It is suited to multiple wedding themes; tropical wedding or bohemian wedding are two possibilities. This magical venue also has an old wooden bridge for those special photos. Or Read more…