Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant
Wedding Dresses

OMG, I’m in love with this funky sexy wedding dress when it comes to the wedding dress. Its all about the colour and the detailing along with the embroidery. Though its the WOW factor that will turn your guest’s heads spinning. It’s the best way to spend your hard-earned dollars on the dreamiest most colourful, whimsical and bohemian wedding dress. When your guests forget what was said in your wedding ceremony, what food you served, what wine they drank, what music you played, how long they danced into the night (if they danced at all). What time they arrived home and who drove them to their destination. They would NEVER forget what an incredible, witty, wild, wilful winner you looked in your awesome funky wedding dress. 
Oh, and do wear it with the sheer utmost of cheekiness and your glamorous look of pure confidence look of I FEEL AMAZING
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