Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant
Wedding Dresses
More than one choice of colour for wedding Dresses
Wear whatever you want when it’s your wedding dress. Be like this gorgeous stylish bride Shelly and her man Don. You can pick a colour other than white. There’s a new breed of brides in town – the anti-bride. … Definition: A bride-to-be who would rather avoid the months of tedious planning, being the centre of attention, copious amounts of cash splashed on a dress you would probably never wear again. Simply head directly to me and have a budget wedding ceremony, just like the Registry Office except you can have an outdoors ceremony wherever you wish. Cost from $375 weekdays and $490 weekends. Add extra if l have to travel for hours even though I’m a high-speed driver (don’t tell anybody l said that heh heh) Very sensible to save your hard-earned cash and buy a new motorbike YIPEE
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