Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant

Gothic style is best known for being very theatrical, dark, and even a little morbid, like sending your invitations in black envelopes. What would aunt Betty think when that arrives in the mail heh heh. 

However Gothic style can be surprisingly adaptable for your wedding day, and it’s a great choice for couples who want something other than soft pastel colours.

So a gothic wedding ceremony can be characterized by a darker colour scheme. Black wedding attire, dramatic hues, and candles are all reminiscent of a Gothic wedding ceremony. If you don’t want to go extremes, you can choose a palate with richer colours such as ruby red, navy (personally I’m not a navy sort of person) or emerald green.

Don’t you just love the veil, I’d love to wear that to a dinner party YES YES YES let alone the gloves, which l have and love them.

Even if you don’t ascribe to Goth philosophy, you can incorporate certain elements of a gothic wedding ceremony to create a sense of drama and mystery.

Alternative bridal bouquets or vibrant goth colours are just some of the great goth wedding ideas you can explore. Think dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and lots of fog. Flickering candlelight a wedding bouquet of blood-red or black roses.

You might not be a true Gothic person at heart BUT you want to have a kinda different wedding go for a gothic look, oh la la. Lots of fun to be had in the dark of night. I’ve never seen one in the tropics


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