Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant

Sit down from the shock when I tell you this because weddings on average now cost $36,000! What the hell! Why would you want to spend that much for ONE day? *~*~* that’s a house deposit! You can have a Home Budget Wedding and still keep your house deposit.

Why not have your wedding at home! Or find someone who loves you enough to have the wedding celebration at their house. Or in their garden or rustic shed. And of course, you can’t invite everyone you’ve ever befriended. So invite only those who have fallen in love with your naked soul.

Remember small sweet and simple will suit your stress levels and purse strings. Don’t get caught in the hype of our wedding industry – $36,000 even $20.000 is madness for one day unless it is your dream venue with all the trimmings.  

Ways to Keep the Budget Down

Pallets can be used for everything from signs, tables, archways, and backdrops. Use your imagination to make multiple items you can use for your wedding. Love the shabby chic mismatched woods.

Wooden wedding arch made from pallets and with lots of flowers around the outside.

Table decorations – Natives flowers or just lots of amazing greenery in a jar from op shop LOVE op shop buys.

Cutlery, plates, wine glasses – Again Op-shop or car boot sale and buy a mismatch of everything – Don’t have paper plates or plastic cutlery nothing with a crack in it. I just love the mismatched China plate settings look!

You want to finish with a wedding celebration that screams SIMPLE SWISH STYLE

Mismatched china used for a wedding setting on a circular table.
Love the mismatched china look!

Table cloths – make a huge difference. Butchers paper spray with gold paint for tablecloths and it looks funky and divinely stylish.

By using, recycling and up-cycling items you can create a Home Budget Wedding that has all the elements you want and leaves you money for a fabulous honeymoon, buying a house or other adventures.


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