Bonnie Harris Wedding Celebrant

One of the enduring traditions at weddings is to include children in the wedding party in the form of flower girls and/or pageboys. Whether its an adorable little handsome pageboy bearing rings or carring signs or a gorgeous little girls bearing flowers or helping with veils; kids love being a part of it all.

For your bridal party don’t look any further than flower girls.

For those couples who already have children, being a part of the bridal party makes for an exciting time. There are dresses and outfits, shoes and hair and flowers and lots of excitement for flower girls on the day. And of course, floral headpieces provide the perfect accessory flower girls. Flower girls don’t necessarily need to toss petals. Instead, you can have her hold a ball of flowers suspended from a ribbon for her to clutch, a basket of flowers or a mini bouquet that matches your own.

Choosing to have kids in your bridal party can add to the joy on your wedding day and always leads to some memorable photos. They have tons of fun and adore what they wear. Plus they don’t get drunk and cry in their champagne, oh la la.

Large group of flower girls wearing white and cream shifts with flower crowns surrounding a bride in natural setting.
Kate Moss and her Bohemian wedding. Love the floral headpieces for the flower, l want one.


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